Nature Inspired, Inquiry Based Outdoor School
for Motivated Learners 

Green Adventure Project

Grades K-8

We provide kids what they need most:

nature, friendship, love of learning, and the confidence to believe in themselves.

What our families are saying...

Big Tree

"We thought this might be a year of surviving but it has become one of thriving beyond even our greatest expectations."

--Mom of Kindergarten

& Second Grade Learners


"Now that she's started her school career in this environment, learning in a new way, we can't imagine her in an indoor, public-school classroom."

-Parents of First Grade Learner


"Where else would your child cry when they are told there is a snow day? She loves going to school at GAP. She has a hard time imagining being in a regular four walled classroom. She is excited about learning. You have fostered a love of learning in her."

-Family of Fourth Grade Learner



Green Adventure Project 

920 Camp Road

Charlottesville, VA 22902

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