Green Adventure Project


About Us

Where kids & nature grow together

In 2009 Green Adventure Project was incorporated as a nonprofit to address the lack in young people's nature and science knowledge base and to increase their connection with the outdoors and their local environment. Research shows that children today:

  • Spend half as much time outdoors as previous generations.

  • Have limited scientific knowledge and skills, related to their local environments and the natural world.

  • On average, spend 53% of their time each week using screens.

Green Adventure Project's environmental education programs provide hands-on learning and transformative experiences which develop responsible citizens and foster a lifelong commitment to stewardship and sustainability.

Our science and nature based inquiry programs:

  • Give students the knowledge to make environmentally conscious decisions, enhance and extend classroom studies.

  • Allows for higher retention of new information and reinforcement of previous material.

  • Foster a student's sense of place, interconnection and stewardship with nature.