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A Day In The Life

We learn by doing. We explore, create, think outside the box, and celebrate teachable moments. 

Where our journey takes us...

Green Adventure Project is based on a foundation of kindness, community, and respect. We ask that our Educators and Learners work together to create a vibrant community where we celebrate our differences and learn from other's experiences. Together we create a set of expectations that guide us through our school year, these expectations will adapt as we learn and grow. We work with each individual child to develop skills in communication, problem solving, creative innovation, cooperation, and establishing a growth mindset. 


As Learners arrive they're invited to participate in a daily "Invitation to Play" which will get them thinking creatively right from the start of each day.

We start our days together as a group. Morning Meetings are times to discuss our expectations, set daily intentions, and review projects and project proposals. 

Each day our learning community will come together to tidy our space, take care of our animals, help with small projects, and make sure our surroundings are welcoming and conducive to learning.

Our Learners head out to explore the natural world each morning. We use the forests, creek, and meadows of our outdoor classroom as a foundation for hands-on learning opportunities. Place based education helps to build confidence and awareness, while nature inspires us to seek a deeper level of learning.

We'll come together for snack each morning while we take turns sharing our favorite books, poems, and plays.

We continue our nature exploration to foster a sense of respect and stewardship for the natural world, develop an opportunity for imaginative play, and encourage creative innovation.

Lunchtime is intentionally reserved for eating, open-ended play, and thoughtful conversations. Unstructured free time helps to develop friendships and community.

Afternoons will be spent working on projects. Projects are an opportunity for Learners to dive deeper into their interests. Working together to create project proposals we set the sky as the limit as to what can be achieved. 

We end our day together reflecting on work we've accomplished, share gratitudes, and look forward to the next time we'll be together. 


After a great day together our Learners are picked up or join Triple C Camp's (optional) After School Program.

Flow of the day...

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