The Plan

We know there are many known and unknown factors surrounding COVID-19. What we do know is that encouraging physical distancing, requiring 

frequent hand washing, and wearing masks in indoor spaces or close proximity help reduce risk. As a primarily outdoor school, with a small number of students, and stringent cleaning protocols we have the opportunity to offer in-person, five-day per week education in a wonderful natural environment.

Phase 2 & 3


Our school capacity keeps us well within the guidelines previously outlined for phases 2 & 3 in Virginia. We will adhere to recommendations set forth by the state government, Health Department and CDC. With a constantly evolving situation we will be forthcoming with any adjustments or changes that will need to be made. We will strive for proactive communication and hope to request the same from our enrolled families as we navigate unchartered territories. 

Phase 1

Distance Learning

If Virginia private schools are closed, Green Adventure Project will plan to take the following steps:

  • Weekly Zoom meetings

  • Project Support & Encouragement

  • Nature Activities & Journals

  • Scheduled times for individual families to access the school's trail network.