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We conquer Learner's  questions and curiosities. By bringing ideas to life and growing the whole child, we develop a community of thinkers, problem solvers, and creative innovators. 

Our classroom consists of meadows, forests, creeks, and sky. Reading, writing, math, science, art and music are all inspired by the majestic outdoor classroom.


Each day we have Exploration time where our Learners have the opportunity to explore one of our nature play areas. Our Educators are close by to guide on the side as we use this time to practice important social skills like communication, cooperation, and problem solving.  We help our Learners practice navigating tough conversations to help prepare them for the future. 


Projects creates an environment full of questions, knowledge, and the thirst for discovering answers. We have two types of projects:

1. All School Projects that are driven by a guiding question. Our Learners engage in the project based on their interests. 

2. Daily Projects are broken down into two skill-based days a week and two Maker Days. Maker Days are where our Learners create passion projects. They develop a project proposal, supply list, and budget. They then get to go shopping and work to achieve their goals.



At the start of each school year we focus on building our GAP culture as we establish community. We take the first month of school to focus on getting to know the Learners, setting up our classroom environment, and figuring out how we'll work together during the school year. 


Community events will be offered for our families to come together. The opportunity for students to share parts of their work with their loved ones helps to make them feel validated. Community events are organized and planned by the Learners. 

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