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  • Fifth grade GAP Learner

The New Kid at GAP School

In 2020 my family and I moved from Wisconsin to Virginia. For the first year, I went to a school near our house. I was miserable and lonely and all online. Our neighbors' grandkids went to GAP and one day brought it up when he was speaking to my mom. When she brought it up I had a hard decision to make, go to GAP and be the new kid or to my other school. I spent many nights in my bed crying until I made the decision to go to GAP!

On my first day I was very nervous. I had no idea what a project was and had never been on the campus. But I was mostly nervous because I knew no one! But everyone made me feel welcome and helped me! Soon, every day when I got home I couldn't wait until I could go to school again! GAP is a very nice school. Everyone is kind and will always help me if I am lost.

I never knew I would make a six foot tall loom for projects! When it snows we have a blast! We have snow ball fights, track animals and make ice sculptures. Every morning we have a morning meeting that the kids present! There is also a large library were I found books I have never read before! Being a new kid at GAP is awesome! If you get the opportunity to go to GAP, then you should go!!

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